Are you a victim of Stress?

Stress is insidious in our culture—such a constant—that we don’t realize its

  • disrupting our immune systems
  •  negatively altering our brain chemistry
  • leading us to unhealthy comforters.

Stress tempts us to fill the hole in our souls with  a wide variety of convenient , albeit unhealthy comforters. The most common comforters in our culture, junk food and alcohol, are tricky because once their tranquilizing effect wears off, they leave us with even more stress to contend with. 

This vicious cycle feeds the tension, anxiety and worry that further depletes the quality of our lives and even has the potential to threaten our very existence, as it did for me.  Experts in all fields agree that just about every known human disease, is either caused by, or exasperated by the physiology of stress.  Despite this fact:

  • Are you working excessive hours?
  • Are you juggling the unrealistic demands of modern life?
  • Are you engaging in a culture that moves too fast?

Like most of us who accept being victimized by stress, I would have remained this way my whole life, if not for the upside of an illness that opened my eyes to the life-depleting effects of too much stress.